Resources are all around us. It is a good thing to be resourceful especially if you are a teacher. As educators, when we become resourceful we can find new ideas or build off the resource to create new ways of learning in our classrooms that can be beneficial to our students.

Feldman Publishing

http://www.feldmanpublishing.com/press-releases/ is a great website to find different and fun activities for holidays in each month that educators can do with their students. The website also has books and CDs for sell. There are kids joke books that the teacher could even read to his or her students just to put a smile on each of his or her students faces.
Teach Adding for Toddlers and Preschool Children with Bryon
Crop a video


http://edpuzzle.com/ is a great website that teachers could used in a flipped classroom. The teacher can make quizzes on this website and teach lessons. In class the teacher and the students can just focus on the activity and at home the students can log online and do their homework.