SMS Library Newsletter

Volume 1

SMS Library Makerspace is up and running!

The SMS Library Makerspace is up and running thanks to a generous donation from the Somerville Education Foundation. We have Little bits, K'nex, Snap Circuits, Google Cardboard, Used Book Crafts, Augmented Reality, STEAM Challenges, and more. Feel free to send students to the library after they have finished their work in class to use the Makerspace. There will also be Young Makers Club after school once a month in the art room which students can participate in. Have them see Mrs. Malespina for more information.

3D Printer Available for use!

The 3D printer is now up and running in the library. Students and staff are free to submit STL files to Mrs. Malespina for her to print. Please use this google form to submit 3D files.

Looking for 3D Printer Files or Ways to Make Files?

Below is a Symballoo filled with links to websites, apps and videos that will help in the designing of 3D files.

Looking for a way to help students with their Grammar? Try Grammarly

This website and Google Chrome Extention checks students grammar mistakes and helps to fix them.

Want an Easy Way to Make Rubrics and Give Student Feedback? Try the JoeZoo Express Ad-On for Google Docs

From their website - "Google Docs is good, but not great for marking. Giving writing feedback, building rubrics and grading are painful for teachers - wasting 18+ hours per class assignment. JoeZoo thinks teacher time is too valuable to waste in Google Docs. So we build better tools for teachers. JoeZoo Express, our Google Docs add-on, has 3 time-saving marking tools: + Writing Feedback + Rubric Builder + Grading Assignments Our tools are automated, teacher-designed, preloaded with feedback and require no student installation."