Helping You Meet Your Goals and Improve Your Health

Better Control...Happier Life

Your health is very important to YOU. Your health is important to US as well. That is why this pharmacy has been selected to participate in a new and innovative, patient-focused demonstration project to help patients our with Diabetes, just like you, to improve your health, meet your individual goals of therapy, and increase your quality of life.

Through this program, you will receive diabetes care services for 12 months, Services include medication therapy management reviews, diabetes education and self-management tips, diabetes testing and results, and even a flu shot! All these services will be provided to you by your highly trained and credentialed pharmacist provider.

Your pharmacist is here to help! If you would like to better manage your health, please speak with your pharmacist about how you can participate in this one-of-a-kind diabetes patient care program. Don't let your diabetes control you...GAIN CONTROL!

Diabetes Basics: What Is Diabetes?

What Do YOU Get From This Program?

Medication Therapy Management Services:

  • One-on-one Complete Medication Review with your pharmacist
  • Collection of complete medication list, including allergies
  • Medication Adherence Assessment (defined as Proportion of Days Covered)
  • Documentation, evaluation, and utilization of blood pressure, height, weight/BMI, and lab measures (A1C, Lipids, etc.) to formulate a patient treatment plan
  • Evaluation of vaccination needs, communication with PCP, and administration of vaccine, if needed

Diabetes Self-Management Education/Training Services:

  • One-on-one needs assessment and educational session with your pharmacist
  • CLIA-waived point of care tests for diabetes markers, including A1C and Full Lipid Panel, by the pharmacist, if not available from the primary care provider, at intervals defined according to nationally-recognized diabetes care guidelines
  • Evaluation of diabetes-related HEDIS measures and Medicare Star Ratings, including implementation of strategies to reach these nationally-recognized quality and patient safety measure goals

Blood Glucose Testing Services:

  • Meter training
  • Collection, Interpretation, Education, and Communication of Self-Monitored Blood Glucose (SMBG) testing results by your pharmacist to you and your other care providers

Survey Assessments:

  • Consent/HIPAA, Demographics, Health Literacy, Medical History, Healthcare Resource Utilization, General Well-Being (WHO-5), Diabetes Standards of Care History, Diabetes Knowledge Survey, Patient Satisfaction Survey

Novel, Web-Based Documentation System:

  • Document interventions, formulate treatment plans and recommendations, and communicate between patient, provider, and plan

Basics of Gaining Control of YOUR health!

Reduce Blood Sugar
Manage your Blood Pressure
Control Cholesterol