Written by Matt Faulkner and presentation by Lulu Clark

An Unimaginable Timeline

~1939 World War 2 starts

~1941 Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

~1943 The battle of Rennell Island, near Guadalcanal, begins. The Japanese beat the Americans and the USS Chicago is lost.

~1945 Second World War, the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

~1945 World War 2 ends

~1947 Jackie Robinson joins the Brooklyn Dodgers

~1950 President Truman orders development of hydrogen bomb.

~1960 Martin Luther King Dies

~1980 The Berlin Wall was knocked down

~2001 The twin towers get knocked down

~2003 Lulu Clark was born

~2008 The Great financial Crisis happens

~2010 A magnitude 7 quake took place in Haiti, devastating the nation's capital, Port-au-Prince.

~2013 Kate Middleton and Prince William have there baby

~2015 Present Day!

Gaijin, a tale from World War II

Have you ever felt like people don’t like you even if you are the same as them? In Gaijin by Matt Faulkner, there is a half Japanese boy named Koji Miyamoto. He lives in San Francisco, California in 1941. Koji and his mother have to embark on a huge journey because of World War Two. America is at war with Japan and all the Japanese people living in the US had to be moved to an internment camp. Koji wonders if his dad, who lives in Japan, joined the army and is fighting for the war.

Gaijin feels like he does not belong, but he is not different. The duration of the story Gaijin, the main character, goes through many tough time when he has to live in multiple internment camps. The conflict of the story is character vs. society. The conflict in this story is character vs. society because the war has got the Americans scared of the Japanese and so they put all of them in internment camps.

Gaijin went through a tough climax which involves going to the interment camps away from homes, but he finally got a resolution which is getting let out of the internment camp. The climax of the book Gaijin by Matt Faulkner is when Gaijin and his family has to move to an internment camp because of World War two in 1941. The resolution is that five years later he gets freed of the camp and goes back to Japan to see his father.

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What Happened To That Man? Mina is a girl who lived in Seattle, Washington. She lived with her mom, dad, brother, and grandpa who calls her Masako and his flowers bara. In December 1941 the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor and all the Japanese (or Japs as the Americans called them) are forced to go to an assembly center in Puyallup, Washington were a teenage man has already been shot. Mina is the protagonists because she hasn't done anything wrong. She demonstrates courteous in the story by writing many letters to her best friend Jamie when her family and her were sent to a center far away. She shows this by saying “Dear Jamie,

Thank you for the books you sent me, and please thank your mom for the cookies and your dad for the seeds.” pg. 49

A Historical Moments To Rember

  • The Concentration camps

Evidence from the book;

“Part II. ‘Camp Harmony,’ Puyallup Assembly Center, Puyallup, Washington” (pg.32)
See It and You Won't Believe It

This is a link to my presentation on some pictures taken from this time period. Every image has a short description, so if you have a question just read about it!