Louis Armstrong

By: Sam Cerebe


Louis Armstrong was a amazing musician that was known by many throughout the nation for his talents in music. He was a great singe, but what people loved most about him was his gift of playing the trumpet. Armstrong had many talents including: bandleader, soloist, singer, film star, and a comedian. Louis had a great career full of achievements and ended up very popular and famous. Many of his achievements were in songs he wrote like, "What a wonderful world" and "Star dust."

*Louis Armstrong, mainly known for playing trumpet

*Died at age 69

*Born on August 4, 1901

*Died July 6, 1971

The main strugles Louis faced throughout his life

*Being African-American Louis was harassed throughout his music career by racist critics who did not like him and wanted him to fail.

*When Louis Armstrong was young his father left his family, which meant he had no father-figure

*In 5th grade he left school to begin working to help his family

Adjectives that describe Louis





The way he effected the world

Louis Armstrong influenced many African Americans proving that even in those times color didn't limit what someone could achieve.

Interesting Facts

*He was arrested at 11 years old for shooting a fake gun

*His nickname was Louie

*For 10 years he refused to perform in his home town because it didn't allow integrated ands.