Problem-Based Learning

First Grade Health Unit

My Plate

  • The students learned about the many components that make up My Plate.
  • They learned why it was important to consume foods from each category.

Physical Activty

  • The students learned the importance of working out.
  • They had day where they did a lot of cardio and boot camp drills.
  • They students learned about Zumba and they were able to participate in a lesson.
Sit Ups
Zumba 1
Zumba 2


  • Students learned that its not enough to eat healthy and work-out, they also have to rest so their bodies can recuperate.
  • Students learned about meditation.
  • Students learned and participate in yoga.

Exercise Assessment

  • The 1st graders had to teach all the exercises they learned to our PK-4 year old students.