Digital Citizenship Project

Mikayla W, Period 3

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is being nice and following the rules of digital citizenship. you need to treat other people online correctly, be careful about the info you give out and many others. Digital Citizenship is basically being safe online and not being a cyberbully. When you use digital citizenship. Whatever you do you online goes on to your digital footprint. It is basically a trail of whatever you do or say on the internet. When you say something mean to someone else online then it gets put on your digital footprint for FOREVER. Digital Citizenship is being careful of that and following simple rules to help you follow it.
Oversharing - Digital Citizenship

First rule-Digital Etiquette

The first rule is that you need to treat other people online with common courtesy and respect. Never be rude to anyone it might effect your life.
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Second Rule- Information Privacy

Before you share your information you need to be careful about who's getting it and what they're going to do with it.

Third Rule-Social Networking

Your profile shouldn't include any pictures that are personal or embarrassing to you. In fact you probably shouldn't post anything you wouldn't want your friends, family, potential employers or college's to see.
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Fourth Rule- Online Safety

In order to be safe online you need to follow simple rules. You need to keep your identity a secret and basically just be nice.

Fifth Rule- Cyberbullying

Hurting somebodies feelings is wrong even though you might be feeling bad. When someone is cyberbullying you, then just tell them that what they're saying made you feel bad then if it doesn't work then you should just ignore them. If it still doesn't stop then you should tell a grown-up


PLAGIARISM is when you steal someones work and claim it to be your own. Its kind of like cheating so don't plagiarist or it could end up in very harsh consequences for you. Don't cheat or copy off of other peoples work.
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Seventh Rule- Copyright

You can't use display or copy any work of another without their permission.