International School Of STEMS

By Tanishq Jain and Yog Vaghani


Massachusetts, Boston

Significance for our Location

Massachusetts is a great city with many great colleges like MIT and Harvard. We liked to have our students go to these colleges in the future.
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School Mascot

Our Mascot is the lion. The Lion Symbolizes strength, power, and majesticness

Red, White, and Gold

These Colors are to describe what this school is to be like. Red is for power and courage. White is for purity, and gold is for prestige in leadership.

Our Mission

Our goal for this school is that by the time students graduate they have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to work and be successful in the large dynamic world. Our teachers and curriculum will help students learn crucial expertise in Math, Science, Technology, and Sports. Students will learn these 4 areas of study with in depth knowledge so that they can be successful people wherever they go in the world.

Our Vision

Our school will always be advancing in Math, Science, Technology, and Sports, making our school more exceptional than other schools. Also students will be able to go into the real world prepared with sufficient amounts of knowledge to complete the tasks at hand.


We pick 150 kids from around the US and some from out of country. This ma seem unfair but we also offer rising 9th graders in the county we reside to put their names in a lottery to enter this prestigious school. 250 rising 9th graders can win and enter this school. Due to our fast paced advance curriculum we do not allow students to enter after 9th grade registration period.

School Schedule


We have offer special in depth classes in Math, Science, Engineering, Technology, and Sports.

Block A/B Schedule

To maximize kids schedule and the times of the teacher we offer A/B class schedule. Due to this we have more time to teach students with more in depth projects, labs, and time outside.


We offer all sports for students due to their wide range of athletic abilities, though our two main sports are tennis and soccer.