"Welcome To Saylor's Life"

"Nothing's Impossible - the word itself is I'm Possible."

"Who am I

I am good at doing nails and working with special needs Kids. I'm also good at reading and writing and singing and dancing, joking and getting along with others .

I would like to work at a nail and hair place and maybe working at the school to work with childern, elderly people and adults,

My learing style is to be patient and asking for help and taking my time and having fun with it.

I think that all these qualities should be considerd because I don't just try to do stuff that I can't I ask for help so that it won't be wrong and I take my time because I don't want to rush things and I like to be slow that way it will look perfect I also think that they should take patientce under consideration becasue if someone changes there minds alot you don't want someone that's being sour and mean to them the customer is always right so that's why I think that they should keep that under consideration.

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"Where Am I Going"

I want to be a cosomotoligst. That is where you want to do hair ,nails and facial massages but all I want to do is nail's and hair. I also want to be a special education teacher a special education teacher is where you're still a teacher but you only teach kid's with special need's.

The median sallary on cosmotoligy is $26,790 and special education is $51,000

The job outlook on cosmotoligy is 14% and the Special education is 17%

The cluster for cosmotoligy is human sevices and the Special education is education

The work schedual for cosmotoligy is going to be Monday through saturday for the monday through friday will be after I get off from teaching which that is 8:00 to 3:00 so i would start working at the salon at 4:30 and on saturday I will work from 10:00 to 12:00

The work environment for cosmotoligy is loud smell's good. For the special education it will be always challening and rewarding.

Both of my career choices are interesting because of the people that you work with.

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"How Do I Get There"

For my career choices I would like to attend the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

I would like to go there because it is close to home and It has the right programs for me to reach my career goals.

To become a teacher I would have to have a degree in education.

Tuition right now at U of A is a little over $200 per hour.

I would like to get a schoarship like the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship or the Farm Bureau Foundation Scholarship.

If I decide on cosmotology I would attend a beauty school such as Academy of Salon and Spa in Fort Smith to get a degree in cosmetology.

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