Cordelia Hills Update


Principals Message

Thank you for being a positive influence on our community and our children.

Thank you for being patient with me, with each other, and with your families.

Thank you for being problem solvers.

Thank you for being vulnerable and flexible.

Thank you for being great at parading around a community.

Thank you.

Information on Classrooms, Student Belongings, Library Books

There is a task force working on issues related to teachers being able to return to classrooms, drop off of student materials, cleaning classrooms, and pick up of student belongings. I will keep you up-to-date. NO one is deep cleaning your rooms right now so no worries about stuff being moved. If you have a need to get something in the room, please contact me directly.

I was given the go ahead to do library books but then that was retracted after I alerted parents. I've asked parents just to have the books they have ready to go. I was hoping to get a head start on those in particular given we have about 4,000 books out and Amy won't be here next Fall.

5th Grade Farewell

A group of parents and staff is helping to work on some special ways to recognize 5th grade students who are now moving on from our school. Typically, this would be a farewell event and recognition but that won't work and so they are trying to be creative. They are eager and already working hard. If you are interested in joining them (anyone can help), email

Remember to Vote

Nancy Dunn sent an email regarding collaboration for next year. Please read it carefully as voting has changed. The ballot will come to your personal email. Please let Michelle Wilcox know if you have any questions.

Summer Library Reading Program

Check out this link on the Summer Library Reading Program:

Email Elaine with any questions.

Lunch Bunch

I will send individual links for your google classrooms to each grade level. The purpose of the lunch bunch is to get together to hang and eat lunch together. Kids and teachers are welcome to join.

**Progress Reports**

Progress reports are live. Thank you for doing this work. I know it made many of you uncomfortable and you were at a loss for what to write. Just remember, we have very little control of creating an equitable learning process and environment right now. It goes without saying that this process is NOT the same as being in class at all. Let's keep that in mind as we move to do report cards in the next few weeks.

Library Services--Did you know!

Elaine James is available to meet and to share resource. District Librarians have been hard at work culling and developing resources for Distance Learning.

Please read the email from Elaine James with the endless number of links and resources. Please share that information with your families. If anything, we just hope our kids are reading each day!

These are the links from the email but I recommend you read her message:

Destiny Discover