Superhero Training Academy

Michael Mallon and Rick Joseph

Breakout Description

We are all called to adventure to become something more than we think is possible. This fun, interactive session will illuminate the ancient path of the hero and share tools to help you discover parts of your own superhero identity. Understanding who you are in your power and potential will help you launch into the great adventure of uplifting our planet and making it a peaceful place.


Walker School B

Michael Mallon (Laughing Moon)

Laughing Moon is the founder of the Superhero Training Academy, a community of real life heroes that empower individuals and communities to become the heroes of their own lives. Following the work of Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Adventure" and Mahatma Gandhi's practices of nonviolence, the Academy empowers others to become real life superheroes by transforming ourselves, creating new possibilities for our world, and standing up for justice with love. With a superhero "Footquarters" rooted on the west side of Detroit, the Academy is facilitating a neighborhood campus in the Brightmoor community, as well as stirring up the spectacular in various locations around SE Michigan and a few locations around the USA.

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Rick Joseph

Rick Joseph is a National Board Certified Teacher and has taught 5/6 grade at Covington School in the Birmingham Public School district since 2003. Prior, he served as a bilingual educator and trainer for nine years in the Chicago Public Schools. Rick is thrilled to serve as the 2016 Michigan Teacher of the Year. Through Superhero Training Academy, Rick’s students have created a superhero identity to uplift the communities where they learn and live.


By developing a GROWTH MINDSET, building EMPATHY, taking ACTION and accepting RESPONSIBILITY, GEARup2LEAD aims to inspire and educate heroic leaders.