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June 20th

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Our once a year not to miss event!! Hoopla attendees grow their business 600%!! It's not too late to join in on the fun.

Top 10 in sales

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Top in Qualified stylists!

Kim Jones 2 Stylists

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Congrats to all who qualified 1 stylist

Jessa Helm

Victoria Maiden

Jessica Heider

Catherine Boone

Maria Teijeiro

Kelly Gibbs

Ashley Ayres

Laura Scott

Jennifer Long

Maria Brewer

Mari Schott

Kim Anderson

Allison Jason

Amanda Hoover

Ashley Hull

Tracy Perry

Laura Murphy

Crystal Hrusovsky

Way to go Jumstart Earners!!

Jumping past 1,000!

Wendy Hudspeth $1.544

Maria Teijeiro $1,156

Melinda Morgan $1,058

Jumping over $800

Maria Elizabeth Villafana-Estrada $887

Earned over $500

Laura Scott $597

Earned over $400

Kelsey Huguenin $497

Janie Stockton $481

Nichole Derhake $454

Elyssa Barberio $449

Ann Marie Butler $417

Amy Perry $416

Hannah Heglund $414

Kiley Brady $409

Kathleen Pione $405

Earned over $300

Molly Rowling $388

Laura Booberg $387

Jesica Jefferson $384

Amanda Petricca $379

Ashley Zborowski $377

Brynn long $373

Kathy Allred $370

Brooke Carlton $369

Brandi Carroll $364

Jennifer Sangiaradi $362

Maria Liappis $359

Lyndsey Joyner $357

Jennifer Long $347

Kelly Gibbs $344

Cynthia Mayes $335

Kimberly Robinson $334

Stephanie Moring $333

Geraldine Gretschel $333

Alicia Baker $330

Lori Holland $329

Danielle Donovan $324

Tessa Patterson $324

Stacy Hull $319

Jessica Baker $318

Lauren Kanner $316

Nicole Arview $314

Megan Saenz $310

Jacklyn Harris $305

Kim Anderson $305

Earned Over $200

Karsyn Daniels $298

Amanda Hoover $297

Michelle Allen $292

Kristen Drake $287

Jennifer Ballew $286

Shawna McCartney $274

Andrea Ullmann $274

Kari Patefield $273

Lindsay Salyers $271

Whitney Dryer $268

Stephanie Hausman $268

Rebecca Niemeyer $259

Suzanne Lyoob $251

Amanda Culton $248

Melissa Orenstein $247

Jennifer Meharg $237

Tara Crabtree-Vollrath $234

Jaqueline Renee Zarella $230

Karen Whitescarver $227

Madison Heaman $225

Melanie Lamb $218

Tracey Dubberke $216

Jessica Singleton $215

Maria Elizabeth Villafana-Estrada $215

Heather Socki $213

Marianne Branch $212

Sara Carter $211

Anne Vassallo $209

Jenni Crocker $209

Lisa Santos $209

Robin Husdpeth $207

Heather Gilley $206

Danielle Stone $205

Renee Tucker $202

Earned Over $100

Jenna Lorton $173

Shana-Dee Jahrling $161

Kristina Nizich $149

Jessica Graybeal $139

Staci Ricciardi $138

Alexis Perry $132

Lisa Halivopolus $132

Rebecca Pfeifer $127

Sandra Ogden $123

Kelly Wolfe $116

Taylor Wherrell $113

Barbara Kersten $103

Melissa Martini $102

Priscilla O $102

Weekly Home office Training Calls

2242 Core Skills Facebook LIVE & Call

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM EDT

Join us in S&D Extraordinary 2016 Facebook Group for a LIVE video or dial In: (800) 747-5150 | Access Code: 6977091 to hear the top tips to book, sell and sponsor using the 2242! We will have a Q&A at the end, so bring your questions!

321 Core Skills Facebook LIVE & Call

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Join us in S&D Extraordinary 2016 Facebook Group for a LIVE video or dial In: (800) 747-5150 | Access Code: 6977091 to hear the top tips to coach your stylists to achieve their goals using the 321 of the 2242! We will have a Q&A at the end, so bring your questions!

MEGA Business Blitz

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM EDT

Join the S&D Extraordinary 2016 group for our Facebook Chat to hear the Words To Say to share the Opportunity, book Trunk Shows, overcome objections and gain referrals! If you are not able to join us on Facebook, Dial In: (800) 747-5150 | Access Code: 6977091

To tune in, simply:
• Visit the S&D Extraordinary 2016 Facebook group during at 4pm, 5pm, and/or 6pm PT.
• Not currently in the S&D Extraordinary 2016 group? Ask your upline to add you!
• If for some reason you are having trouble getting added, you can also friend request a Regional Sales Director and request to be added into the group.
o East & West Coasters, contact Megan Maloney
o Central Region, contact Kelly Tittle
o Canada, contact Colleen Carlisle

Star+ Leader Call

Monday, June 27, 2016 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT

This call is for Star Stylists+ to hear updates and inspiration from Home Office!
Dial In: (800) 747-5150 | Access Code: 2390843
For more Home Office Coaching calls and call recordings:


Weekly Online Meet Stella and Dot

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Monday June 27th 8:30PM EDT

Invite your potential stylists to our online Meet Stella and Dot every Monday night at 8:30 pm EDT!


New Stylist Training Call

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Monday June 27th 9:15PM EST

Join me for a quick new stylist training call! I will share my top tips for a successful start and I will tell you how you can earn an $800 shopping spree!!!
access 945831#


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You’re earning points towards a FREE fabulous beach vacation in Costa Rica for Glam Getaway 2017! And that’s not all! With this year’s extra EXTRAORDINARY Glam, you also have the chance to earn a GLAMorous unique necklace (think 14 karat gold and diamonds)!!!
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Look who hit the EXTRAORDINARY TRIP FOR one and is still earning! WAY TO GO!!!

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Lindsay Dixon 83,947

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Barbara Muehr-Ellis 74,084

Big image

Victoria Maiden 67,370

Big image

Mollie Gossett 65,301

Big image

Christine Swartz 64,073

Big image

Jenna Green 60,939

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Kimberly Jones 57,330

Big image

Jessa Helm 55,972

Big image

Kelly Cox 54,373

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Morrisa Reynolds 50,934

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Look at these ROCKSTARS who have already earned their level 1 Glam Getaway! Enjoy your diamonds ladies!!!

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Samantha Tunador 49,218

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Amanda Pollice 43,280

Big image

Britten Parker 43,091

Big image

Ashley Jarden 42,777

Big image

Felicia Kettler 42,567

Big image

Sarah Parramore 40,800

Big image

Charlotte Pottieger 40,772

Big image

Lisa Tyler 38,097

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Jessica Sigler 38,010

Big image

Nicole Brawner 36,459

Big image

Sarah Varnes 33,831

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Amy Ebberts 33,509

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Samantha Reed 32,979

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Kathryn Larson 31,696

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Katie Campbell 31,339

Big image

Ashley Ayers 31,335

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Allison Lindley 31,313

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Meredith Sorkin 30,945

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Hayley Bannister 30,803

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Margaret Underhill 30,261

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Look Who's Getting Close with over 20,000 points!!

Karla Dofflemyer 29,520

Jessica Heider 29,443

Ashley Smiley 28,666

Erin Hackett 26,337

Julie Canellos 26,337

Juliana Rivera 25,181

Amber Kraus 25,037

Bonnie Van Etten 24,749

Ashley Drissi 24,504

Katie Wasserman 24,486

Leslie Cumbow 23,667

Jessica Robertson 23,573

Rachel Hudgins 20,815

Jennifer Hammond 20,338

Meghan Edwards 20,129

Reagan Montgomery 20,031

Hope Everyone has a great week. Let me know if I can help! XO KELLY

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