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By: Lindsey Brilliant
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Major Cities


Was it controlled by another country? Yes, Spain, until taken over by the Netherlands.

Did it gain independence? No, they halted there fight for independence in 1990.

Is it still controlled by another country? Yes, it is still controlled by the Netherlands.

Official Language?

Dutch and Papiamento

Dutch Numbers

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Geographical Information

Aruba is in the Caribbean, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, and located north of Venezuela.
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Physical Features





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Political Information

Government Type: Parlimentary Democracy

Leader: Cheif of State- King Willen-Alexander of the Netherlands, Prime Minister- Mike Eman

Is the country on good terms with other countries?-There are currently no disputes between Aruba and any other Countries.

Economy and Trade

Currency:Florin-worth .56 of a U.S. Dollar

Economic System:Capitalism


What are Aruba's imports? Machinery and electrical equipment, crade oil, chemicals, and foodstuffs.

From where does Aruba import goods? The U.S., The Netherlands, and the U.K.


What do they export? Live animals, and animal products, art and collectables, machinery and electrical equipment, and transport equipment.

Where does Aruba export their goods? The U.S., Columbia, Venezuala, and the Netherlands Antilles.

Tourist Information

Why should people visit? The people are very friendly, and the island is eco friendly and family friendly. There are also lots of activities for tourists.

What should tourists see and do? Tourists can visit the white sand beaches, go on boat tours, go snoring, and gamble in Aruba plus many more fun activities.