Faded Denim

by Melody Carlson


Emily is an ordinary girl, just a little over-weight for her age. She has a best friend named Leah. Emily would do anything for Leah. Since Leah is model material, she decides to go to a modeling class. The thing is, she can't go if she doesn't have a friend go with. So she asks Emily. Emily isn't fond of the idea but is going to give it a try, so she has to lose weight before the class. She keeps eating healthy, exercising, and making herself puke. It goes well for a while, then she doesn't know if it's such a good idea..

The book "faded denim":

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Melody Carlson, the author:

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The whole series:

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Why You Should Read This

You can compare this story to your life. You can find similar things to other people you know. This story also has a good story behind it and teaches you a lesson. I rate this book 5 and think you should read it!