Mrs Baker's Class Newsletter

September 4, 2015

What is going on?

Sept. 8-11

Math: This week we will begin our place value unit. We will use concrete & picture models to compose and decompose numbers up to 99. We will learn to write numbers to 99 using standard, written, and expanded form. We will compare and order numbers, as well as, locate the position of a 2 digit numeral on a number line.

Reading: We will continue to make connections from our reading to our lives. We will discuss deep, thoughtful connections as well as connections that might distract us from the deeper meaning of the text.

Writing: This week we focus on the picture portion of our writing. We will read books that are wordless and discuss how the author was able to “write” such a detailed story without the use of words. Then we will try to tell our own stories using pictures that are already drawn.

Science & Social Studies: The overarching theme is social studies this year is community. Students will learn about our local, state and national communities. This week we will be learning about the relationship between and community and its citizen. We will review the characteristics of a good citizen.

Dates to Remember:

September 7th- No School

September 11th-Grandparents Lunch 11-43-12:13

September 11th Homework Starts- print off copy from my website

Dear Parents,

Chess Signups for Fall 2015 will start online at 3:00 p.m. on Sept 4th, 2015.

Please use the link below to get to the signup page. Link will be activated at the above date and time.

All other information about chess club as well as volunteer signup can also be found on this page.

Chess club is offered only for students from 1st through 5th grade.

A maximum of 75 students will be taken for the professional coaching group. The rest will be placed on a wait list.

You will be advised on payment methods at a later date.

Thank you for coming to back to school night! I appreciate you coming!

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!