2022 GMS Olympic Games


We are so excited to kick off our 2nd annual GMS Greenbrier Games!

What are the Greenbrier Games??

A fun, collaborative, and competitive way for students to celebrate their hard work and success as they prepare for the Summative ACT Assessment. Greenbrier Games allows us to reward and incentivize behavior and academics through this process. !

How Can students earn points for their team??

Below are just some of the ways that students can earn points for their team:

1. Being on time to class

2. Having materials for class

3. Participating/being engaged in class

4. Answering questions in class

5. Providing reasoning/participating in a discussion positively

6. Positive behavior

7. Completing assignments on time

8. Being a good group member

9. Being KIND. (anything on the pride matrix)


April 18-22 - 6th Grade ACT Summative Assessment

April 25-29 - 7th Grade ACT Summative Assessment

Meet our Referees

Big picture

Opening Ceremonies!

On Thursday, we kicked off our Greenbrier games, and students found out which team they are on, as well as their teacher team leads.

Leader Board

Want to see who is in the lead??? Click here !!!