Orrick High School Bearcat Update

September 2015

Great Start

It has been a great start to the school year!! Both teachers and staff are in their regular routines. It is great to have our full building back with the new addition. As of September 8th students who have met the incentive have been able to each lunch in the new common areas. It is interesting to see the students hustling from class to class with the extra length of the building and students having to move from one end to the next.

We we want to continue to grow the relationship between the high school and the parents/community. Please contact the school/teachers if you have questions or concerns. As a school district we have the best interest of your children in mind and want them all to be successful.

Grades/Homework Blitz


Reminder: Every Monday grades will be submitted to the office for every student from every teacher. From these grade checks, an F List will be compiled. Students may not participate in extracurricular activities while on the F List. The results of the weekly grade checks will only be mailed home at the request of the parent/guardian. Teachers will not be allowed to sign a student off of the F list. They will be ineligible for the whole week if on the F list.


Homework Blitz days will be offered prior to scheduled grade checks. Students are invited to attend a scheduled Homework Blitz in order to make up missing work. The teacher who assigned it will grade work completed at a Homework Blitz and 30% will be deducted.

Homework Blitz will be offered every Thursday. If a student does not take advantage of that Homework Blitz to complete the missing assignments, he/she will receive a zero and have no other opportunities to turn in those assignments even though another Homework Blitz is offered the following week. Work due prior to a Homework Blitz will no longer be accepted after the Homework Blitz.


September 10 Float Day

September 11 Parade 1:30

September 11 Homecoming Game 7:00

September 19 District Choir Auditions

September 26 Carrollton Band Day

September 30 Jr. High Math Night

October 5 Jostens Class Meetings 10 & 12 Grades 8:30-8:50 am

October 7 Jr/Sr Parent Night 7:00 library

October 10th CMU Band Day

October 15 Jostens Order Day 10 & 12 Grades 7:30-8:15 am

October 17 MWSU Parade

October 24 District Choir

* Updated sports schedules can be found on the high school website under their respective sports.

Building Project

The rebuild is almost complete! We are in every classroom and the students/teachers are taking full advantage of the new and improved areas. We have added tables in the hallways and common areas for the students to use in the mornings and at lunch. The Stuco will be holding the high school dance in the new commons this Friday night. Below are pictures of the new addition.

After School Pick-up Procedures

Due to increased safety concerns students need to be picked up in the north parking lot after school and not on Elm St.