Northern America

York, Maine vs. New Hampshire and Quebec, Canada

Where I Want to Live

I have decided that I would like to live in York, Maine when I am older. After comparing York, Maine, New Hampshire, and Quebec Canada together there are many reasons to back up my decision. To start off I do not only do I like the location but I find it packed with many different things to do in the area. Since Maine has four seasons like New Hampshire and Quebec the the weather can vary each day. Unlike the winters in Quebec, winters in York are not continuously frigid. It is not uncommon for temperatures to be in the 30's. In the winter you can ski, snowmobile, snowshoe, ice skate and do much more. For all three locations spring is warm and wet and in the summer temperatures are very high at about 70 degrees. In the fall the leaves gain color and the temperature drops a bit. Since sports are a huge part of my life, it is really important that there's plenty to do in the area. In York there are tons of activities to enjoy. Also, if I want to join a team, there's a Seacoast Academy sports facility with lacrosse, soccer, football, and baseball. York has much to offer such as road races, different parks for fishing, hiking, and biking. Conveniently, York Beach is located in the town so I can enjoy the beach and other activities around York. Being safe is always the number one priority and York is very safe with a crime rate of only 246 compared to New Hampshire which has a crime rate of 30,980 and Quebec with 4,931. The schools in York were rate a 10 out of 10. In New Hampshire 28.7% received a Bachelor's degree or higher. Since there are mainly two languages in Quebec, English and French, there are English and French school systems. My religion is Catholicism. Where I live I want there to be churches available. All three locations have Catholic churches locally. Even though New Hampshire has the least amount of taxes York's property tax is much lower than New Hampshire's at $15.11 per $1000 when in New Hampshire is can be $21.94 per $1000. Overall, York, Maine fits all the criteria of where I'd like to live when I'm older. After all Maine is "The way life should be."



York, Maine

New Hampshire

Quebec, Canada


-Seasonal (4 seasons)

-Winter-cold and long with a lot of snowfall

-Spring- wet and warm

-Summer- Hot

-Fall- Colorful and cool

-July-high 79°F

-Winter avg. temp 30°F

-Variety in temp

-4 seasons

-Winter- long, cold

-Spring- cool, wet

-Summer-short, warm

-Fall- colorful, cool

-Mean temp. of 46°F

-4 seasons

-Spring avg. temp: 55°F

-Summer is extremely warm avg. temp of 77°F -Fall: Temp drops to about 50°F with some flurries and color on leaves -Winter is cold with avg. temp of 19°F and a lot of snow


Seacoast Academy sports complex (lacrosse, soccer, football, and baseball)

-No major professional sport teams

-Major national skiing event

-Division I-AA

-NH International Speedway hosts Winston Cup

-Skiing, hockey, soccer, basketball, ect.


- Crime rate 246

-Crime rate 30,980

-Crime rate 4,931


-High school- 10 out of 10 (good)

-28.7% received a bachelor’s degree or higher (good)

-French and English schools


-Catholic 283,024

-Jewish 8,290

-Muslim 800





- Catholic

- Protestant

Jobs/Unemployment rate


-Employment December 2013-663,313

-Unemployment rate: National-6.7%

New Hampshire-5.1%

-Unemployment rate: 7.2%

Property values and income

-Median income is $55,130 per year

-Median list price-$375,000

-Estimated median income- $64,925

-Estimated per capita income-$32,758

-Estimated median income-24,430 CAD ($22,007.89)

-Avg price of a house- $274,000


-Property tax- $15.11 per $1000

-Sales tax- 5%

-No sales tax or income tax

- Property tax

-Generally high

-Income tax -Property tax -Sales tax

Racial Makeup/Ethnic Groups




White- 94.4%

Black- 1.4%

Asian- 2.4%

Ethnic groups:





Recreation available

-Road races, lacrosse, baseball, soccer, volleyball, ect.

-Different parks for fishing, sightseeing, trail walking, ect.

-Tourism is a major part of economy

-skiing, biking, hiking, and boating are the main attractions

-Camping, ice skating, fishing, biking, skiing, ect.

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