By: Neel Patel

Prevention from lead posioning

Talk to your state or local health department about testing paint and dust from your home for lead.Make sure your child does not have access to peeling paint or chew-able surfaces painted with lead-based paint.Children and pregnant women should not be present in housing built before 1978 that is undergoing renovation. They should not participate in activities that disturb old paint or in cleaning up paint debris after work is completed.Create barriers between living/play areas and lead sources. Until environmental clean-up is completed, you should clean and isolate all sources of lead. Close and lock doors to keep children away from chipping or peeling paint on walls. You can also apply temporary barriers such as contact paper or duct tape, to cover holes in walls or to block children’s access to other sources of lead.Regularly wash children’s hands and toys. Hands and toys can become contaminated from household dust or exterior soil.

Symptoms for children

Developmental delay Learning difficulties, Irritability Loss of appetite, Weight, and abdominal pain, Vomiting, Constipation, and Hearing loss

Symptoms for Adults

High blood pressure, Abdominal pain, Constipation, Joint pains, Muscle pain, Declines in mental functioning, Pain, numbness or tingling of the extremities, Headache, Memory loss, Mood disorders, Reduced sperm count, abnormal sperm, and Miscarriage or premature birth in pregnant women

Lead affecting health

Abdominal pain, Constipated, Tired, Head-achy, Irritable, Loss of appetite, Memory loss, Pain or tingling in the hands and/or feet, and being Weak.


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