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The best ways to Get To Learn About Star Egypt - The Leading Online News Portal?

An excellent choice to start out is Star Egypt that is a premier online news portal if you are looking forward to be informed about what is trending in Egypt. This news portal offers news on numerous segments. Regardless if you are enthusiastic about read news regarding gold price in Egypt or if you are looking forward to be familiar with the education news, Start Egypt remains to be the first choice for you.

Who Are Behind The Beginning Egypt?

Star Egypt takes pride in having reputed figures and personalities within the editorial board who make valuable contribution towards the newspaper on a daily basis. This online news portal is registered with Egyptian Electronic Media Association and takes pride in having following personalities:

Editor-in-Chief and Chairman:

Abdul Rahman Laithi


• Khaled Refaat

• Mohamed Sousse

• Ahmed Ibrahim Mr.

• Rim Hammam

• imam students

• Gad Yassin

• Shaima Bassiouni

• Hamid Ahmed

• Ahmed Mustafa

• Omar Hafnaoui

• Said Kamel

• Nasser Ibrahim

• Ahmed El Sayed

How Could This Be Online Platform Different From Prevailing Others?

Considering objectivity being a key quotient of responsible journalism, this online news portal takes pride in having faith in 'facts,' distrust in 'values,' plus a persistence for their segregation. Without exhibition from any favoritism, the news portal seeks available unbiased news along with a truly objective account associated with a event. This impartiality means they one of several widely read online news portals that still run successfully. For more information about trending in Egypt follow the link.

Will They Offer Infotainment?

Yes, during the whole world of new media, when infotainment is considered the bloodline of the presence of any news media organization, Star Egypt takes pride in offering infotainment. Offering various news that cover the component of entertainment while informing people, Start Egypt keeps growing with 1000s of readers on a daily basis. They provide recently published the way the discovery of the new plant might occur in the destruction of the entire solar system.