Beef or Bluff?

Eat like a cow or eat a cow?

Animal By-Products

Hide & Hair: Baseball gloves, drum heads, leather coats, instrument strings, shoes, felt hats, luggage, wallets, leather waistnamds, and rawhide softballs. Glands & Organs: Asphalt, cosmetics, insulation, livestock feed, paint, and plastic. Bones & Horns: Ice-Cream, piano keys, candies, knife handles, chewing gum, buttons, fire fighting foam, lipstick, combs, & photo film.

Beef or Bluff?

From 1 cattle hide you can get 12 basketballs or 144 baseballs or 20 footballs or 18 volleyballs or 18 soccer balls or 12 baseball gloves. Candles have beef byproducts in them to give them more strength, to help them last longer, and make them more opulent. If you strung 1 year’s worth of hotdogs around the world, you would go around the world 16 times!

Could we live without them in our life?

To conclude our flyer, it is 100% possible to die without the use of a cattle. They are a necessity to life. We use 99% of a beef cattle. They are an important ingredient in medicine like thyroid medicine and insulin. We wouldnt be very clean either because of the lack of shampoo and soap.

By: Lena Kennedy & Rachael Greene