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Developing Clear Leaning Targets

Developing Clear Learning Targets

The research of John Hattie says:

Simply tell students what they will be learning before the lesson begins and you can raise student achievement as much as 27 percent.

A Learning Target states what a student will be able to do once he or she has completed instruction. It is a specific, measurable, short-term, observable student behavior. Writing and implementing Learning Targets in your classroom can have a major impact on the success of your students.

Displaying of Learning Targets

The objective should be…in Every Subject-Every Day:

• Prominently displayed

• Can you find them easily in the classroom

• Enough room to write the full objective and still be read throughout the room

• Clearly labeled by subject

• Kid-friendly language

• Professionally displayed

• Can we read them

• Can students read them

• Not too busy

• Neat and orderly

John Hattie Learning Intentions & Success Criteria


As we move through each day we often miss the surprises around us. We are so lucky to be in such a diverse community, Research states we only show our gratitude approximately 10% of the time, think if we increased our recognition of gratitude to 50%-60%. Would our environment sound and look different??

If we don't always see what's around us, could our language assist us in seeing? Could others words show us something new? Could your words draw others' attention to something they may not have noticed?

This week each grade level and special department will be provided a gratitude board to acknowledge students and staff. We will practice our language of gratitude, everyone may show gratitude for specific people, places and objects. This will be an awesome way to change our language and help others see the surprises around them.


Write in your journal about a teacher, mentor or colleague who inspired you and taught you something that changed your life for the better. Take time to appreciate what they've done and how they have enriched your life. Write that special someone a note of gratitude.

The Workplace Gratitude Gap


Fifth Grade Leadership team supports the Ronald McDonald House of FW.

Helping kids be kids and families stay close during times of medical crisis

The Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth (RMHFW) provides a supportive, home-away-from-home for families of children receiving medical treatment at area hospitals. Our vision is to never turn away a family. Through our 55,000 square foot Ronald McDonald House and the Ronald McDonald Family Room located inside Cook Children's Medical Center, we strive to provide a sense of normalcy during an otherwise stressful time.

Collect you pop tabs, leadership team members will pick up tabs weekly. Please set out your tabs by 12:45 pm each Friday.
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January 18-22

January 18th - No School
January 19th- Class Picture Money Due
January 21st - Whataburger Spirit Night 5-8
January 22nd - PTA Spirit Store Open during Lunch