Herbert Hoover

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Facts About Herbert Hoover

- 31st President of United States (1929-1933)

- Political party: Republican

- Born: August 10, 1874, West Branch, Iowa

- Writings: The Challenge of Liberty(1934), America's First Crusade(1942), and The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson(1958)

- Career: Engineer

-Religion: Quaker

-Education: Stanford University(graduated 1895)

-Marriage: February 10, 1899, to Lou Henry (1875-1944)

-Children: Herbert Clark (1903-1969), and Allen Henry (1907-1993)

-Died: October 20,1964, New York City, New York

Herbert's Presidency

Herbert Hoover was one of the most idolized individuals in the United States before his reputation was blemished by the outbreak of the Great Depression. His achievements as the Secretary of Commerce had taken care of his campaign for presidency in 1928. Throughout Hoover's Presidency, he displayed his open-minded tendencies through conservation policy, prison reform, a convocation on child welfare, and the furtherance of humanitarian treatment on African Americans. After the stock- market collapsed in during the Great Depression in the 1930s, his philosophy of self-help and unasked cooperation proved in appreciable to resolve the nation's economic problems. This left Hoover one of the most criticized political figures for decades.

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President Herbert Hoover Biography