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A sort-of-monthly newsletter for amazing Hueneme teachers!

In this May 2017 issue:

CAASPP --- COAST --- Newsela --- CA Teacher Summit --- Device Updates --- and Student Account Info!


CAASPP Testing is coming--- be tech ready!

* Make sure you get your devices out and use them daily. They need to connect to wifi regularly. Shut them all the way down and restart them at least once a week.

* Make sure your devices charge over night before testing. CHARGED AND UPDATED DEVICES are happy testing devices!

* Know where the secure browser is. YOU WILL NOT TEST USING THE CAASPP WEBPAGE.

* Practice getting a session ID-- our tech guys are awesome, but they can not start a session for you.

* Relax. You are a competent, critical thinking individual. You can handle this!

Meet the secure browser your students will use


Surf's Up on the COAST PD Wave! Tech Training just for YOU!

Check this out! If you haven't already explored our COAST game, now is the time! It's Collaborative. It's Online. It's Activity-based. It's Self-paced. And it's Technology Training just for you with a fun twist!

Earn badges and prizes as you learn and practice ways to use technology in your classroom. Watch our next newsletter to see who has won prizes and is on the leader board!

Coast Through my Classroom intro video
Start here!! COAST Through My Classroom!

Click the button to get more info from the Hueneme webpage, or go to chromewarrior.net to start playing!

COAST How to Log In


Have you used Newsela lately?

High interest current event articles at varied reading levels that kids enjoy reading-- what have you got to lose?


California Teachers Summit--- July 28, 2017

Sponsored by many education advocates, including Cal State Universities and the CA Dept of Education, this teacher focused conference is part TED Talk, part EdCamp, and totally awesome! It is also free, and right in our back yard! Hope you can join us at CSU Channel Islands for a mid-summer teacher refresher! #bettertogether
Now More Than Ever! CA Teacher Summit

Click here for registration and location information


Student Device Updates

SHUT DOWN and Restart your Chromebooks---Update your iPads!

Do you have devices in your classroom? iPads, Chromebooks, netbooks etc? They work best when they are used often and check in with the internet to get updates. So, if you have had your devices in the cart for awhile, get the tech out! Get your students using it!

The most important reason is that students will benefit, but it also allows apps and systems to update to the latest version, good for functionality and security.

STUDENT (AND TEACHER) iPADS: In the SETTINGS app, please update your iOS to 10.3.1, the latest version. DO NOT choose "update tonight" because wifi is off at the time when the iPad tries to check in. If you aren't sure if you can update, check the Technology department page and look for the thumbs up block to be sure.

CHROMEBOOKS: Shut them down (like, all the way shut down-- sign out, then click SHUT DOWN in the bottom right) at least once a week, if not everyday. The chromebook will update when it restarts the next day. You won't even notice.

Need to update an iPad app on a student device?

Go to CATALOG and find the app.

It should say INSTALLED next to it.

Tap on INSTALLED and it will force the app to reload, catching the update.



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