The Weekly Warrior

January 31, 2016

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February 12th Schedule

7th grade- LRC 7:30-8:10

8th grade LRC 8:20-9:00

6th grade LRC 9:10-9:50

The PTO will be kicking off their fundraiser and have agreed to helping us transform two classrooms into Collaborative Learning Spaces with awesome furniture and technology.

5 essentials survey

On February 1st, parents will receive a letter about the 5 essentials survey for students. The parents have until Thursday February 4th to turn in the form if they do not wish their child to participate. Forms will be turned into the main office.

IMPORTANT: Advisory teachers should administer the 5 essentials survey between February 5th - February 29th. Not all students have to take it at the same time, but be sure to explain the importance to each set of students taking the survey and how we use the information.

The link will be on the web page for students but I provided it here for teachers. Teachers are scheduled to take the survey on February 22nd during collaboration time after school.

Survey Link

Extra Curricular News

Great things are happening at Old Quarry! This past weekend several Old Quarry teams saw great success:

The girls varsity basketball team won the coveted Lady Comet tournament and the boys varsity basketball team won the coveted Emil tournament. Both games took place at Lemont High School on Saturday evening.

The chess team came in 3rd place in the conference meet on Saturday.

The competition cheer team took first place in the Eisenhower Invite on Saturday.

Congratulations to all of our teams on their hard work and great accomplishments! We are so proud of our students and sponsors/coaches!

Tech Tip for Teachers-Google Tip of the Week

Google Tip of the Week

Starting this week each of you will receive a Google Tip of the Week sheet in your mailbox every Tuesday. These are tips for you and the students! All you have to do it hang it up in your classroom. Maybe... if you wanted ... you could point it out to the kiddos when they are working on a digital assignment.

That’s All!



Use this form to recognize the #warriorpride we see in each other.

It really is nice when staff recognize each other:) hint hint

Thank you Laurie for giving a phenomenal introduction presentation to our Holocaust Unit!! The kids were hanging on every word :)!!

Thank you to all staff that helped internalized and take Advisory classes on Monday, 01/25. It is a Monday and everyone stepped up. THANK YOU!

Advisory Corner- Friday 29th meeting during 1st lunches

Representatives have been asked to have their classes research and develop the following:

  • High School Grading scales
  • Middle School Grading Scales
  • Develop questions for a teacher survey about grading scale
  • Develop questions for Interview with Superintendent about grading scale
  • Vote on 1 Encore class that they would like to get added. Also, research electives/Encores of other middle schools to show we are not getting the same chances.

Great things going on at OQMS-

Student Presentations on Various Civil Rights Pictures- Antonoff

Science Lab- weighing Mass after chemical reactions- Janda/Osmani

Crime Vocabulary Brainstorm- Kawczynski

Staff supporting students at the Talent Show

Students and Staff school spirit for the cheer squad

Cost Benefit Analysis Projects- Ehn and Anderson

Advisory Corner- rep Meetings Wednesday

Advisory reps will Meet Wednesday during first lunches.




Challenge to OQ Staff: List Objective or I can statement for each lesson.