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4th Grade's Weekly Update

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It was an amazing week at Alcova. We have an eventful month in January. See the calendar for next Destination Learning nights. We will have a pizza dinner before each night begins. We also have International Night at the end of the month and we cannot wait to enjoy this 1st annual event that we hope will become a feature at Alcova.

Early February leads us into Falcon Showcase and our wonderful Daddy Daughter Dance. Thanks to our fantastic PTA who keeps all of our events focused and staffed with volunteers.

Please visit our lost and found while you are at the school for these events. We will set up an area to make it more accessible for your during these times. We will be donating items again after February 14th.
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Jan. 18th: Martin Luther King, Jr HOLIDAY

Jan. 19th: Destination Learning for 3rd-5th Grades

5:30 Pizza Dinner

6:00 Student Showcase & Teacher Make & Take

Jan. 21st: Destination Learning for K-2nd

5:30 Pizza Dinner

6:00 Student Showcase & Teacher Make & Take

Jan. 22nd: 100th Day of School

Jan. 28th: International Night @Alcova 6:00

Book Fair is open during International Night

There will be a brief PTA General Meeting on Thursday, January 28th in the gym. Any questions, please email rachael at rachaelbycepta@

Destination Learning Night

Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 5:30-7pm

770 Ewing Chapel Road

Dacula, GA

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We are back into full swing after the Winter Break! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Winter break full of rest, laughter, and FUN!

Report cards come home today! Please review your child’s report card with them, sign the envelope and return the envelope on Tuesday. We do not have school on Monday due to the MLK holiday. We will see everyone again on Tuesday! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Math - We will be talking about multiplying a whole number and a fraction. Review switching improper fractions to mixed numbers at home this weekend!

What is 3 1/4 switched to an improper fraction?
What is 17/6 switched to a mixed number?

Writing - In writing we will be looking at reference materials and what types of reference materials we can use for different types of writing.
We will be doing a special lesson with Ms. Perry this week in the Media Center!

Reading - We will be taking a look at first hand accounts and comparing them to second hand accounts.
Do you think a Loyalist and a Patriot would have the same story about the Battle of Bunker Hill?

Science - We will continue our discussion on sound.

Social Studies - We will continue talking about battles of the Revolutionary War.
What battle has been your favorite so far, and why?

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Monday - NO SCHOOL
Tuesday - Technology with Miss Yoder
Wednesday - Technology with Miss Yoder
Thursday - STEM: Math
Friday - STEM: Math
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I can convert an improper fraction to a mixed number and a mixed number to an improper fraction.
I can draw a model of an improper fraction/mixed number.

I can multiply a whole number and a fraction.


I can use appropriate reference materials to help enhance my writing.


I can compare a first hand account and a second hand account of the same event or story. '

Social Studies

I can discuss the battles of the Revolutionary War and explain why they were significant to the war.

I can identify important people that played a part in the Revolutionary War. I can talk about what they did and why they were important.

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Snow and Cyber Days

This week, our class participated in a "practice cyber day". There are 3 snow days built into our school calendar, but if we have a fourth snow day, it will be an eCLASS cyber day! If you haven't seen our practice snow day activity, ask your student to show it to you!

Mrs. Frizzle Teaches about SOUND

Liberty's Kids - Battle of Bunker Hill

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