English Assignment: Cause & Effect

Sanitation problems from kitchen.

A problem from a field of Hospitality and Culinary Arts; sanitation.

There are some restaurants that do not care about sanitation of kitchen, although sanitation is one of a most important factor which related to customers' health.

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To remain clean, it needs efforts, times, and capitals. Some owner do not concern about customers' health, but their benefit, and they think nobody know what is going on in kitchen. From those causes, the owners and employees do not focus on sanitation and make hard to remind kitchen as a place for processing food for human.


If employees work in a dirty and contaminated kitchen, that might cause some problems to customers health and also their own staff; such as food poisoning. That will effect to restaurant's reputation and funds. From contaminated part, some bugs can be born and that also can make problems.


As I mentioned above, to make a sanitary kitchen needs staffs' efforts and times, and basic capitals for sanitation.

  1. Even though it requires a number of efforts, cooks should keep wash their hands and tools before handling ingredients.
  2. and need to clean kitchen every day.
  3. The old ingredients should be disposed before getting rot.
  4. The basic things should be prepared; paper towels, sanitizer, soap and so on.