Raw Food Diet

Paulyn Trinh


-Food advocates say that the heat from cooking destroys enzyme in food

-Raw food is packed with natural enzymes and nutrients that help the body reach optimal health and you'll shed pounds

-Suspicion: this weight can come back quickly

What To Eat/What is Forbidden

-Raw food that hasn't been cooked, processed , microwaved, genetically engineered, or exposed to chemicals such as pesticides/herbicidice

-fresh fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole herbs

-Have to stay in this category

Food Pyramid Comparison

-Most whole grains would be cancelled out because it's cooked or processed

-fruits and vegtables play a big role

-nuts and seeds = good

Negative Effects?

-Health risks include food poisoning from eating raw/undercooked meat, fish, milk, or eggs

Long Term Issues?

-lose weight at the time since you are consuming smaller amounts of calories

-Therefore, gain the weight back once you're off


-A diet high in fruits and vegtables, but light on saturated fat and salt. Best way to keep cholesterol and blood pressure in check

-Dolla billz $

-equipment: juicers, dehydrators, and blenders are expensive