The Road to $500!

...because $50 in credit is worth it!

Who want's the $50 in cred?

$500 is a fantastic milestone. It get's you some credit, it keeps your business flowing, keeps your customers in the game with you. $500 is a legit monthly milestone. SO....let's use BTGO to get you there!

I get it. You're all like...ummmm Stef, I am under $100. And I am all like HEY! It doesn't matter...that's how GOOOOOD this promo is! Aside from a % off promo, this is an INCREDIBLE deal for your customers.

SO....Here are some tools to use to help get you a-going!

1) Send a RedStamp (provided below) and ask someone special to be your FIRST BTGO sale! Is she an old pop-up shop guest? A VIP customer? A family member?? Share all about the promo in one great personal outreach!

Speaking of outreach....

2) Have you done your to-do's on your dash today? EVERY time I click "send" on one of our promotional emails, I end up with a sale. No Joke!

3) Share your OWN personal favorite Trio! What would YOU get free if you were a customer?? Pics always help :)

As always, I am here if you need guidance or brain storming!



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