El Salvador

By Salvador

El Salvador continent

The continent of El Salvador is in North America. In between North and South America, is Central America which El salvador is located.
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The president is Salvador Sanchez Ceren
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The money

Before 2001, El Salvador's currency was a colon. After 2001, their currency is the same as US money.

The food

In El salvador we eat Pupusas and it is hand made thick tortillas filled with cheese, and meat. You can also add as manny thing you like.
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Volcano Eruption in El Salvador

In El salvador, they are beaches and the volcanoes and ancient remarks.

Around December in 2013, a volcano erupted ashes and caused many people in the emergency hospital. The tragic happened in San Miguel which is east of San Salvador the capital of El Salvador.

El Salvador Volcano Eruption Sparks Evacuation