CMS Library

January 2014

Jumping January!

In January we jumped from regular days to late start days to snow days. The library had 63 classes visit for circulation, 31 classes for lessons, 459 walk in students who needed books, and 188 students in homeroom. 1,766 books were checked out in January. We also had 3 late starts, 1 snow day, and one teacher work day!

The CMS Talent Show was on the 10th and the book club had an awesome act, "You Should Be Reading." If you missed it - below is a video that doesn't capture the beginning of the act but I think you will still like it.

The Book Battle kicked off with a total of 3 teacher teams and 18 student teams of 4 students each. All participants have to read at least 4 books. Participants get credit for a book when they turn in 3 questions. Student questions are used for the battle. There are some great books on the list. Click here for more information, including the list of books. So far, students have logged 111 books read for the battle!

It seems like everyone is doing research these days: 8th graders are preparing for debates, 7th graders are finding out about charities, and 6th graders are investigating health. In the library they learned about RADCAB, a vehicle to help evaluate the information found. Find out what RADCAB stands for here.

Book Club Talent Show 2014

Coming Events:

Book club meetings:

6th grade - Friendship stories, Feb 19th in homeroom

6th grade - Wonderstruck, Feb 21st lunch

7th grade - Anywhere but here stories, Feb 25th lunch

7th grade - Slytherins, Feb 28th in homeroom

Good Reading!