Woman's Suffrage

By: Sydney Dubas

Where it Began

In the year of 1867 women began to question the American Democracy. Margaret Brent of Maryland began to fight or women's rights. She focused on an amendment of the U.S constitution because it was the easiest way and because it was a national question it would have to be settled by the federal Government.

The March

On March 3, 1913 over 5,000 people marched down Pennsylvania Avenue D.C. Alice Paul was the lead organizing role for the parade. The people who were fighting are called suffragists and were fighting for women's voting rights. To get the government to see what the suffragists stood for the parade was held the day before the inauguration of president Wilson. Many of the 5,000 people were men who disagreed with what the women were fighting for, and ended up helping the women.

What Else Happened

To get their point across the Suffragists used hostility and violence. All the women wanted to do is win the right to vote in political elections.

By the women taking a stand, it was the first stage in political equality.