By William Nack- Book Report By Delaney Siebert

"You carry an ideal around in your head, and boy, I thought, 'This is it.' I never saw perfection before. I absolutely could not fault him in any way. And neither could the rest of them and that was the amazing thing about it. The body and the head and the eye and the general attitude. It was just incredible. I couldn't believe my eyes, frankly. I just couldn't because I've made a kind of thing of looking at horses since before the First World War, when I was a kid, but I never saw a horse like that."

In the first chapter, the book introduced me to Secretariat through how he was born and all of his bloodlines. In the next chapters William Nack (Author) introduced me to all of the people who were involved in his life. After he caught me up on all of the background knowledge of how he was born, he explains and goes through how 'Big Red' (as they called him around the farm) was trained and raced. He goes through his lifetime of fame and honor as he broke many track records and became the best horse of all time.

Genre and Theme

Secretariat is a biography written by William Nack about the greatest racehorse who ever lived. The theme would be that hard work pays off, because at the beginning of the book he was so huge that he didn't know what to do with his body, or how to run. So his trainers had to put in lots of extra time with him on just learning how to run and break from the gate. In the end it all paid off because Secretariat gave every race his all and won the Triple Crown breaking all the records for it.

What did you enjoy about this book?

I liked how he deeply described how Secretariat acted and looked constantly throughout the book, because that made it easier for me to picture everything that happened in my mind. I also really liked how during every workout that he did, he showed all of his times he got every furlong and explained what he did every workout. He also did this with all of Secretariat's races, which made it a little bit more interesting than the author just telling me what the final time was.

What was the author's purpose for writing this book?

To inform everyone else that wasn't there in the 1970's to see this amazing horse live and thrive in the racing world. So that people like me who love horses and wanted to learn more about Secretariat's life could.

Was the book well written?

I think it was very well written because of all the description it had about every little thing in Secretariat's life. Since it was so descriptive about every little thing there were some boring chapters for me. Like in some chapters all the author would talk about would be Secretariat's bloodline and his family and ancestors. Which would be fun to read in small descriptions, but not for a whole chapter. Other than that, it was well written.

Would you recommend this book?

I wouldn't recommend it to someone who hates horses or hates thoroughbred racing. I would definitely recommend this book to someone who likes horses or someone who knows about Secretariat and just wants to know the whole story about him, instead of only knowing that he won the Triple Crown and beat three stakes records. If they want to know everything about his life from when he was just born, to when he retired being worth millions of dollars, and becoming not only the greatest horse to race, but also a symbol of brilliance and beauty beyond his breed.
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