The Zebra Beauties

Bringing a little extra flair to your classroom!

Who are The Zebra Beauties exactly?

The Zebra Beauties are a small group that take part in many FACS activities. Our group consists of three members: Alexis Henry, Riley Elizabeth Hoyt, and Emily Flake. We do numerous things all around our community, but most of them can be found right inside Mrs. Lieblong's FACs classroom! Take a look!

Our Projects

The pictures below show all of the projects that we have done within our group. We had a lot of fun making them, and we also learned new things along the way!
These are just some of the things that we have done, and we also plan on doing much more! if you ever want to know more about us, you can always ask us anything! We are willing to listen to any comments or suggestions that you may also have !