My Baby Book

Mikayla Jeannine Schuldheisz

My Family Background

My parents are Lynn Schuldheisz and David Shaw. At the time i was born, my mother was 23 years old, and my father was 30. My mother worked as a housekeeper, and my father worked construction. After i was born, we all lived in Mandan, ND in a Trailor house in the Twin City Estates. My grandma was the one who cared for me and my older brother also when my mom went back to work. My dad did not get paternity leave. My Aunt Pat picked out my first name, Mikayla, and alternative names were Jocelyn or Brooklyn. My middle name is named after my grandma Jean (Jeannine). My mother got pregnant with me when she was on birth control, so no, i was not planned. My parents knew i was a girl before i was born, because the ultrasound showed a girl.

My Birth

I was born in Bismarck, ND at MedCenter One. The people who were present are my cousin Shaila, my grandma, my mom's friend Tanya, and my Aunt Pat. I was born on October 27, 1998 at 11:49 am. I was 7 pounds, 12 ounces, and 20 1/2 inches. There was no unusual happenings during my birth, and my mom was in labor for about 6 hours. The weather was a nice, warm, fall day.

Other Info About Me

The first 6 months were very busy, preschool began for my older brother Austin that was 3 years old and then pushing into the holidays with Halloween a few days after that, Thanksgiving and then came along with Christmas approaching. Mom was going back to work again and everyone was getting back to their normal lives. My first words were "Bahbah" and "Momma." I started crawling at 6 months and started walking before my 1st birthday. I did not get any infections or diseases. My information came from my baby book and many, many photos. The effect it had on my personality was i was the second born child, and i was a role model for my younger siblings.

Definition of Family

A group of consisting parent/parents and children living together in a household.

Families can be different from group to group. Families are not just a group of individuals who happen to be related, they are a group where all members can feel accepted and safe.

My definition of family would be all individuals who can bring each other together and enjoy one another with love and compassion.