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March 18, 2016

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GREAT STUFF Going on In Our Schools

The Kenilworth Board of Education Recognizes Harding 6th Grader, Matthew Scalise

March 14, 2016: Congratulations to Matthew Scalise, Harding School 6th Grader. Matthew was honored at the KBOE Meeting during the “Student Spotlight” for his accomplishments during his elementary education career. Celebrating with Matthew (center holding certificate) are his family, flanked by Mrs. Murphy, Harding Principal and Dr. Tramaglini, Superintendent.

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Congratulations to OUR Unsung Heros

On Wednesday evening March 16, 2016, the Union County School Boards Association held their annual “Unsung Hero” Awards Program at Governor Livingston High School in Berkeley Heights. Two students from David Brearley were honored as recipients of the prestigious award, Junior Gabriella Angrisano and Senior Jonathan Zobek.

Gabby and Jonathan were chosen as honorees for this award in recognition of their academic accomplishments, assisting of local charities, support for our school and student programs, as well as other activities they participate in that showcase kindness and compassion. Jonathan and Gabby have made outstanding contributions to our schools and community and rightfully deserved this distinction. Both students exhibit a spirit of good citizenship and a quiet strength that inspires others and for this they should be commended.

Gabby and Jonathan are truly “Unsung Heroes” of the David Brearley Middle-High School and the Kenilworth community. Congratulations!

Top Picture Below is the Angrisano Family: Ally Holton (sister), Daniella Angrisano (sister), Brandon Angrisano (brother), award winner Gabby Angrisano, and Mrs. Josephine Angrisano (mother)

Bottom Picture Below is the Zobek Family: Mrs. Dorothy Zobek (mother), Christopher Zobek (brother), award winner Jonathan Zobek, and Mr. Zbigniew Zobek (father)

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Don't Forget - Brearley Theater Production of AIDA is Coming Soon!!!!

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A Very Special St. Patrick's Day Demonstration

On March 17, Harding students were treated to a demonstration of Irish dancing by our 6th grade teacher Heidi Luerssen. Meredith is a freshman at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and Hayley is a sophomore at Westfield High School.

Harding Students Publish Their Own Arctic Habitat Books

Students in Mrs. Donough's 2nd grade class project combines the study of the Arctic habitat with exploring the animal fantasy genre. Students researched about polar bears to gain background knowledge before creating their own polar bear character. The class read various animal fantasy stories to understand the genre. The students utilized a large graphic organizer to help students visualize all story components. The final draft was composed on the School Mate Publishing kit paper and submitted to become a class book. Parents were able to purchase copies.

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Another AWESOME Science Virtual Lab at Harding Elementary School....

Harding’s sixth grade students participated in the Students 2 Science virtual lab entitled “Candy Color Wheel: Mixing and Separating Colors” on Thursday, March 17th. The students explored the properties of color and what happens when we mix them. They used M&M dyes to show how secondary colors are made from primary colors. Once the secondary colors were formed they were separated back into the primary colors using paper chromatography. In a second experiment, students made spinning wheels and let their eyes do the mixing. They learned that when colors are moving quickly, our eyes cannot process the individual colors quickly enough so we see the colors mixed. One wheel contained the colors of the rainbow and, surprisingly to the students, when spun they saw white. The second wheel had three concentric circles with primary colors and when spun they saw secondary colors. This event was made possible through a grant from Merck.



Kenilworth Board of Education Approves 2016-2017 School Calendar

On Monday March 14, the Board of Education approved the official school calendar for the 2016 - 2017 school year.
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