Deerfield September Newsletter

September 1st- 30th

Calendar of Events

Sept 4

Marathon club starts 1:35 pm

Sept 7

PJs & Pancakes at 6th St. Hy-Vee 8 a.m.- noon

Sept 9

Individual Picture Day!

Deerfield Night out at Epic 6:30-8:00 pm

Sept 10

Site Council 4:30 pm

PTO Meeting 7:00 pm

Fundraiser Ends

Sept 17

3rd Grade to Science City 8:30-2:45pm

Sept 18

3rd Grade Grandparent's Day Hour 9:30am-10:30am

Sept 23

Deerfield PTO Swim Night at Lawrence Indoor Aquatic Center 5:00-8:00 pm

Sept 24

Open House 6:00 pm-7:00 pm

September 27

5th Grade to Water Festival 8:15-2:45pm

Sept 28

Deerfield Carnival 3:00-6:00 pm

Sept 30

Vision and Hearing Screenings

Oct 1

Vision and Hearing Screenings

School Directory Information

The FERPA Annual Notice directs parents who object to the public release of directory information to request, complete, and return a Non-Disclosure of Student Information Form. If you wish to NOT have your child's contact information in our annual school directory please fill out this form and return to the school office by September 9th. If we do not receive this form your child's contact information will be listed as shown below....

Student Name

Parent/Guardian 1




Parent/Guardian 2


Mrs. Bailey

This year is Mrs. Baileys 40th year of teaching!!! She began teaching second grade in Newton, KS in 1980, and stayed 2 years in Newton. The other 38 years she has been in third grade at Deerfield. She is an amazing teacher, and we are so happy to have her at Deerfield for all these years!

Marathon Club

Marathon Club will be starting on September 4th at 1:35 pm (at school dismissal). If your student plans to participate in Marathon Club, please complete the 2019-2020 Eventbrite Registration below.

Deerfield Open House

Tuesday September 24th from 6:00 -7:00 p.m.

This is a time when students can show off their classroom! Come anytime between 6:00-7:00 p.m. to see what your child has been working on so far this year.

Contact Us!

School Families: We want to call your attention to two online communication tools that the Lawrence Public Schools introduced last year. "Contact Us," found on a tab on our school and district websites, assists individuals who do not know who to contact about a question, suggestion, concern, or even a compliment. By completing a short online form and sharing their contact information, their inquiry is routed to the appropriate staff for a timely response.

"All Students Safe," also found on our website, serves as an online tool for reporting bullying or safety questions or concerns. Users of this tool may choose to hide their contact information. We do find it helpful, though, when investigating safety concerns to have contact information in case additional information is needed.

Please keep in mind that these online tools do not replace direct communication with your child's

school. If you have a question or concern relating to the classroom, please contact the teacher. If you have a question or concern about our school, please contact the school office.

We value open communication between home and school. Deerfield school sincerely appreciates your partnership as we seek to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment and a successful school experience for all students. Thank you!


We conduct annual vision and hearing screenings each year. Vision and Hearing Screenings are scheduled on Sept 30, 2019 for all students grade K-3 and 5th. Any 4th grade student who is new to Lawrence or has a previous vision/hearing concern will also be screened.

Deerfield Traffic Plan

Please review the Deerfield Traffic Plan carefully. We appreciate your cooperation to make for a safe and

efficient drop off and pick up at Deerfield Elementary School!

Daycare Center Vans

● Special education busses and all daycare center vans will pick up on the primary blacktop in one

straight line, pulling all the way to the east end of the blacktop to load children. Once children are

loaded, the vans and busses will exit the blacktop. We ask that no other cars pull on the blacktop.

The Circle Drive

If you use the CIRCLE DRIVE for drop off and pick up, please follow these expectations for a safe and quick


● The circle drive is ONE WAY. Use both lanes!

● Use whichever lane that has your child entering/exiting the car on the curb side. We don’t kids entering

or exiting your car from the middle of the drive.

● Observe the stop signs when there isn’t a crossing guard directing traffic.

● Upon entering the circle drive, pull all the way to the South end of the circle drive.

● STAY WITH YOUR CAR and advance with the traffic as it moves

● Morning drop off: Have your child ready to exit your car promptly.

● Dismissal: Wait patiently in the drive. Your child WILL find you.

** NOTE: Please observe the NO PARKING signs that are located from the north entrance of the circle

drive to the corner of Lawrence Ave and Princeton. These have been installed by the city to prevent

drivers from blocking the flow of traffic on Lawrence Ave. It is against the law to block the flow of


Staff Parking Lot

● Do not use the Staff Parking Lot for student drop off and pick up unless you have pulled into a parking



● We have one crosswalk in the circle drive and one crosswalk in the Staff Parking Lot. We ask that all

students and parents use the crosswalk and avoid walking in between cars! Please be a good model

for your child and observe the crosswalk expectation at all times.

Handicap Parking/Double Parking

● Please observe all handicap parking spaces. Do not pull into a handicap space to drop off your child or

wait for your child to be dismissed unless you have a handicap parking permit. We have many staff who

are arriving and departing throughout the day. Please do not double park or block parking spaces in the

Staff Parking Lot.

Thank you all so much for your cooperation!

Elementary Tardy/ Absence Policy

Tardy: Student that arrives less than on hour late to school. Your student will be marked Tardy (T) if they are excused or not, which means you will receive the tardy notification.

Leave: Student is gone for less than one hour at any other time throughout the school day.

Half-Day Absence: Student is gone 1 hour or more and less than 3.5 hours (excused/unexcused) at any time during the school day.

Full-Day Absence: Student is gone 3.5 or more hours (excused/unexcused) at any time during the school day.

Deerfield Parents/Guardians:

Lawrence Public Schools offers math and reading academic support programs across all elementary schools. The district’s goal is to provide the opportunity for each child to reach their maximum academic potential. At Deerfield, math and reading are taught in the classroom for 90 minutes. Our instructional support staff offer services to supplement classroom instruction that include in-class assistance and pull-out small group instruction. The purpose of small group instruction is to teach and reinforce foundational skills necessary for classroom success.

Students are selected to participate in our math and reading small groups through a combination of factors. These factors include teacher recommendation, in-class performance and benchmark assessments. If your child is selected to participate in small group instruction, they will attend a daily 15-30 minute session with a math/reading instructor. A student’s instructional plans may change as progress is monitored throughout the academic year. You will receive communication via phone call, email or letter to confirm your acknowledgment of participation any time your child begins or stops receiving services.

If you have any questions regarding our Instructional Support Assistance programs, please contact Joni Appleman, Principal, 832-5660.

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