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March 23-27

Video Messages from the Arrowhead Staff

We miss you all! We added video messages from Mrs. Raley, Mrs. Montare, and Mrs. McDonough. Here are their links:

Mrs. Raley:

Mrs. Montare:

Mrs. McDonough:

Here is the Arrowhead Staff link from last week if you would like to see any again:

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Video greetings

Video Greetings

Thank you for sharing videos this week, the pledge of allegiance, Arrowhead school pledge, jokes, and fun facts have been awesome. If you are comfortable making a 30-60 second video with your child or family please send them to my email By sending your video, you are agreeing to have it published. It is not mandatory, this is just a fun option. Many have shared that they look forward to our morning announcements. Thanks again!

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Google Classroom Update

The Arrowhead teachers have been working very diligently in creating Google Classrooms for our students that will be available starting Tuesday, March 31st. For this upcoming week the activities in the classrooms will be review, and your children should work to complete throughout the week. Teachers will post office hours to field questions as needed. Please know that our goal is to reconnect with the students and provide an educational path moving forward. These are extremely difficult times in our community, state, country, and the world, but we will remain Arrowhead and Methacton strong!

The Google platform is new to us all including the teachers, but we will adapt and improve as needed. Please be patient, and remember your health and well being is our main concern.

Special Area Google Classroom information

To assist in streamlining invitations for our Special Area Google Classrooms, we have included the special area invite codes below. This will help you access special area information rather than sending out 400 invites. The grade level Special Area access codes will also be posted in your teacher's Google Classroom. See directions in the PDF below for information on how to access these codes.

Below is a listing of the Special Area (Art, Library, Music, and Physical Education) codes for the grade levels:

Kindergarten Arrowhead Special Area Classes - pgi7wpu

1st Grade Arrowhead Special Area Classes - wxyyxsu

2nd Grade Arrowhead Special Area Classes - 3ssegtn

3rd Grade Arrowhead Special Area Classes - esm4q4l

4th Grade Arrowhead Special Area Classes - ywepl5w

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Message from the K-8 Counselors

Please click on the PDF K-8 Counselor letter for information from Arrowhead School Counselor, Mrs. Cohen. Additionally, you will find their office hours along with information specific to the Methacton School Counselors K-8.
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Educational Resource


Educere is a resource that will remain available to our students in grades 1-4 throughout the online learning experience, but teachers are not the correct contact if you have questions. If you have questions about Educere please email:

Arrowhead Elementary School

Be the encourage, to inspire, to empower!

Miss you all! Hope to see you soon! -Dr. Roberts