First Nations Of Plateau!!


Food Resources: Salmon was the primary food source he was the first to be the primary food source he was for the First Nation of the plateau.There would be hunters up north from the plateau,hunters of the north assembled each spring at the fishing places to await the arrival of the first calmon.A single buffalo provided alot of meat in them,with bulls about 700 kilgrams eaten all fresh from the first nation people.The vast food resources of the ocean-salmon,shellfish,octopus,herring,whale and seaweed-hunting was there culture for over a thousand years.As the plateau economy was based on seasonal hunting,fishing and gathering all reliant on unpredictable availability,much time and effort was spent smoking food or drying it for storage.

The First Nation Homes!!

Homes:The first nation people lived in one part of the country in the plateau they would try to build huge homes but untill then they would make tipis and stay in them untill there huge homes are built.The Interior Salish dug a pit,usually about two metres deep and from six to twelve metres wide,in well drained soil,typically near a river.this location meant that clean water,fish and a means of transport were all readily accessible.The Interior Salish then covered the pit with spruce boughs and earth that was removed from the pit.The three main house types found on the plateau were the semi-subterranean pit house,the tule-mat lodge and the TIPI,tipi meaning u used for dwelling in.

The First Nation Clothing!!

Clothing:Moccasins are the most important clothing to the First Nations because they were the first clothing they had untill other clothes came for the First Nations.Moccasins are made deer hide but moccasins are usually made from salmon skin moccasins are good to walk in and good to dance in dancing there culture way.Clothing for the PLateau people was sewn from the tanned hides of animals and woven from local grasses or from the pounded bark of brushes.

The First Nation Modes Of Transportation!!

Modes Of Transportation:By the 1730s the HORSE was introduced into the Canadian Plateau from farther south and this change dramatically improved the mobility of aboriginal people.Snow shoes were commonly used-their designing were specifically suited to the varying conditions of snow terrian.snow dogs would pull the people in the winter for them because they can be very fast and it with be less energy to get to places you need to go to>

The First Nation Spiritual Beliefs!!

Spiritual Beliefs:Every thing around them was imbued powers,even rocks and trees.The winter dance was hosted by shangs who used the occasion to communicate their spirit powers in public.Other salishan groups in the Plateau held similar ceremonies,marked by the singing of spirit songs ,at any time of the year.This ceremony,along with the sun dance,points to the relation ship of the kootenay people with the plains.In the 1480s the sun dance was also introduced to some areas of shuswap.(CHRISTIANITY).