The Pack

by: Elisa Carbon

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Ahkil is a new kid at there school and he is weird and no one knows why but Becky and Omar become friends with him. The 3 of them find out that a kid in there school is a Nazi and they want to stop him before he does anything. So the 3 of them do a lot of seating for clues to save the day.

Which characters play important roles that relate to the overall theme?

Akhil, Becky, and Omar

What did enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed the twist in the book like the secrets Ahkil was keeping from them and how crazy it was when he told them

Was the ending satisfactory (for fiction)? Why or why not?

Yes, I think it was a very good ending but some people may have different thoughts

Why would you recommend this book?

It is a very entertaining book and also has a great ending in my opinion

Book Report By: Lane Huebert