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Week of February 10th

Mrs. Tiffany Gleason

Lower School Teacher

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Happy Heart Day!

Love is in the air...

I hope you all had a nice long 3 day weekend. Maybe you actually kept working and caught up or even moved ahead. Maybe you just relaxed and enjoyed yourself. Either way, I hope you are rejuvenated and ready for a new week. Valentine's Day is coming up! Make sure you take the time to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. A little "I love you" goes a long way! Have a wonderful week!


Mrs. Gleason

Teacher Tip of the Week:

BlackBoard Update: Action Required Before Your First Class Connect Session the Week of February 10th

Due to the new BlackBoard version 12.6 release, families will have to log into Blackboard to load and run the new software prior to attending a Class Connect or conference.

The download is 8 MB and will take extra time to launch the first session after the update. ***This means that students and Learning Coaches may be really late or miss their first session due to the length of time the download will take.

The following action is required:

  • Go to the Class Connect configuration room at least 1 hour prior to the Class Connect you plan to attend.
    • Access the Configuration Room any time after 6 a.m. (MT) Sunday, February 9th but BEFORE your 1st scheduled session of the week. The room is available 24/7.
  • As long as you access the above link at least one hour prior to your Class Connect session, it will give you the needed amount of time for the download to finish. This will be essential, since the Class Connect sessions will not allow you to log in "early."

If you cannot get the link to work, please copy and paste the link into your web browser.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

Progress Goals

These are suggested percentages to keep you on track to reach 100% by the end of the school year. Follow this to end the school year with a smile :)

Important Dates

The following dates mark the end of the first semester for each term. Mid-year Report Cards will be sent upon completion of each semester.

*Students are expected to reach 50% in each of their courses by this time.

*Full time students should reach the following attendance goals:

K-2: 360 hours

3-5: 450 hours

*Part time students will vary depending on number of courses.

Term 1 ~ December 20, 2013~Awesome Job!!

Term 2 ~ January 17, 2014~Yay! You made it!

Term 3 ~ January 31, 2014~ Complete! Great Work!

Term 4 ~ February 18, 2014

Term 4a ~ March 3, 2014

Upcoming Days Off

February 17th - Presidents Day

Mid Term Reminder:

Term 4 Midterm is February 18th. Make sure that you are within the 40%-50% progress mark in all courses. If you are struggling, please contact me! Remember, I'm here to help :)

Lower School Community Event: Poetry

Coach to Coach January Tip:

How does a Learning Coach handle the days when students could not finish everything on their plan the day before?

Below is a great tip from Aruna M.:

Revise the student's schedule with those topics that may not have been completed the previous day. Take those lessons and build them into the earlier part of the day to ensure completion. *** This is also a great time to check out the class connect sessions that we are interested in attending.

January's Session: Time Management

Tip from the Session: Create note cards with the lesson assignments and goals for the day to give to the student. Allow the student to organize the note cards in the order he/she would like to work on each of the lessons. ~Submitted by Jo Phillip

Weekly Riddle

Q. Which month has 28 days?

Answer to Last Week’s Riddle:

Q. What did the calculator say to the other calculator?

A. "You can count on me!"

Send your guesses to me or wait until next week for the answer :)

Great job again, Laura!

Journal Topic

If you could be an athlete going to the Winter Olympics, what sport would you compete in and why?

Help Wanted!!

Is your student doing something you want to share with the world? (or at least with our class?) Is your Learning Coach working hard to help you learn?

Please send any pictures, stories of exciting news and/ or hard work that you want to share with the class. This can be school and non school related. It can be as big as landing a part in a local play, to finally writing you numbers in the right direction.

Let’s celebrate it all TOGETHER!!!

A Seasonal 'Something'

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