Enjoy the beauty


From Dawin , the state capital of the Northern Territory,head south by either joining a tour,

catching a light plane or self driving.

Uluru is in Kata Tjuta National Park.

It is also 440 km of Alice Springs.

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Desciption and Key Features

- It is a large rock formation

- It is brownish red and orange

-It is the biggest monolith in the world



A Significant Australian Site

It is significant because:

- it is the biggest monolith in the world

-it is historical to aboriginals

- it has hundreds of drawings on them

What can you do there?

If you ask me you will get some great advice. Of course you can go hiking and climbing , but now a days you are not allowed to climb on top of Uluru. We have loads of fun activities for you to do . We hope you enjoy you stay!

Why should you go?

people should go there because it is the biggest monolith in the world and the person who went there would tell his/her adventure to ULURU !