Garrett Morgans Great Invention

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Garret Morgans Life

Garrett Augustus Morgan was born in Kentucky in 1877. He was the 7th child born into his family of 11 children. No one knows who his real father was. When Garrett was a teen he move to Cincinnati Ohio with only and elementary education. When he was a mid teen he got a job at a sewing machine factory. That job was to boring for his imagination and creativity. Later he started his own business and started making inventions. He created many life changing inventions. Sadly he died in 1963

"If you can be the best, then why not try to be the best?"

One of His Many Inventions

Garrett Morgans was one of the first people to invent the gas mask. He called it the"Safety Hood". He invented the safety hood in 1914 for safer breathing from gases, smokes and other pollutions in the air. Like most of his inventions it was created in Cleveland Ohio. Garrett tried selling his products to fire department, but later it was used as a prototype gas mask in WWI. Today gas masks are used in a lot of peoples jobs (examples: Military, fire men, swat teams, special forces, and many more).
A Black History Moment: Garrett A. Morgan Sr. Inventor & Entrepreneur