Blended Learning

Granville Academy

Key Principles of Blended Learning

Granville County Public Schools' Granville Academy is a learning option for students in grades K-12 that will engage students in a blended learning environment.

Below you will find some key elements of blended learning that will be used at Granville Academy.
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Student Choice and Voice

Students express their learning styles and preferences as learners in the lesson.

Mastery Based Learning

The students drive the curriculum rather than the curriculum driving the students. Assessments are guided by proficiency and competency.

Flexible Pacing

Students learn the curriculum at a pace that fits their individual abilities and enables mastery of learning rather than a time-bound learning environment.

Just-in-Time Direct Instruction

Direct instruction is available to students when it is needed regardless of the available of an in-person teacher.

Co-planning Learning

Granville Academy students, families, counselors, home advocates and community are all involved in planning and setting goals, demonstration of learning, pace, and mastery level.

Choice for Demonstrating Learning

Students have multiple ways to demonstrate mastery of standards. They can leverage both technology tools and traditional tools.

Varied Strategies

Students are provided more than one way to learn material and access content.
What is Blended Learning? (short)