History of Spain

Spain used to be inhabited by many ethnic groups including Phoenicians, Greeks, and Carthaginians. In 5th century C.E. all of Spain was conquered by the Visgoths, but later on in 771 C.E. it was invaded by the North African Moors and Spain fell into a struggle between Christain kingdoms and the Moors. By 1512 the unification of present day Spain was complete.

Relative Location

Spain is in a peninsula in south-west Europe which is boardered by the Mediterranean sea to its east, Portugal to its west, and France and the Bay of Biscay to its north.

Flags of Spain

King Charles III choose the color scheme for the flag, red for bravery and strength and yellow for generosity.

Spain's Cities

Spain's capital is Madrid. Some other major cities in Spain are Barcelona, Seville, Mallorca, and Malaga.

Places to Visit in Spain

Physical Features of Spain

One of the physical features of Spain are the Pyrennees mountains, it boarders Spain from France


Spain's government is a paliamentary monarchy.


Before Spain had the Euro it had peseta.

Interesting Facts


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