The GLOW Cleanse

A whole food-based cleansing program

What is this cleanse?

Smoothies, fresh juices, fruits and veggies, whole grains, and even high quality eggs and meat!

No starving yourself or popping a pill!

This is not a calorie restriction diet, this is about truly NOURISHING your body and mind for 7 days (+/- if you choose). Recipes included!

Most importantly, have the support by a professional to succeed! You will be guided through this customizable food-based cleanse with Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Kate Kennington. Enjoy getting to know others in this group cleanse workshop series to learn more, build support and help motivate your success.

August Cleanse Dates

Thursday, Aug. 2nd 2012 at 7-9pm

266 York Street

York, ME

3 Part Series

Night 1: Thursday August 2nd 7-9 PM

Night 2: Thursday August 9th 7-9 PM

Private Health Coaching Session: To be scheduled post cleanse


Workshops are held in GLOW's Studio Be at ground level in rear of building.


Week 1: Introductions, explanations and details of the cleanse.

Receive a wealth of information in your booklet far beyond cleansing. Learn why we need to cleanse and how to do it safely and naturally through food without fasting! Establish your goals and receive help with customizing your plan to fit your personal lifestyle. You will begin your cleanse sometime before the following group session. Informative yet fun!

Week 2: Support! Be re-inspired mid cleanse by Kate and the other cleansers.

Learn how to transition gently off the cleanse so that all your beneficial experiences don't go to waste. Discussion of food sensitivities and allergies are also covered!


Learn more about your personal health history and assist you in achieving your health and life goals. Make a detailed plan with Kate to maintain and increase your health and overall happiness! A 75 minute private session valued at $75.

Benefits of Cleansing

Removing toxic waste build up that causes ill health and disease!

Renewed energy!

Clear thinking!

Balanced digestive system!

Weight loss!

Clear skin!

Relief from cravings!

More restful sleep!

A new understanding of foods that work best for you, and a way to get "back on track"!

An Investment to Your Health


$189 First time GLOW Cleansers

$100 GLOW Alumni Cleansers