Friday Email

December 11, 2015

Smith Mission

Smith Staff will collaborate to inspire and connect to each child by knowing every name and need to ensure success.
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Shauntee, Lisa B, Kim, Deb R, and Ashlei - Thank you for allowing us to visit your classrooms today with a lot of visitors. They walked away talking about what a strong team we have at Smith! I am so proud of you!

Janis Dahl - What a week of fun for you! You supported our three students at the Frisco ISD Honor Choir Concert on Tuesday night. You then had the Treblemakers deliver two fantastic performances. This is all followed by organizing a fabulous Clark band concert for us today. I love how you fill our hearts with music!

4th Grade - Thank you for implementing a new plan for your students at recess. I have heard really positive feedback. I really appreciate Kim and Margaret also taking the time to implement new ideas in their classrooms.

Cheryl - Thank you for getting the sportsmanship contract together so quickly! Wow!

Kinder and 1st Grade - Thank you for working so hard on report cards this week. I know the timeline was tricky and appreciate you going above and beyond (as you always do)!

Donita and Nancy - Thank you for working through some issues this week. You guys were on call for a few issues in the building. We appreciate you so much!

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Important Dates:

December 15 - 8:30 ESL Learning Walk, 10:30-1:30 PTA Staff Luncheon in Library (Your team will have a 30 minute lunch together, schedule coming soon), 6:30 pm Lone Star Parent Meeting (Library)

December 16 - 8:00 am Spelling Bee (Cafe), 3:20 pm Name and Need Meeting (Library - Classroom Teachers, SPED, Dyslexia, GT, Counselor, IC)

December 17 - 4:30-5:30 Instructional Coach Information Meeting (Admin)

December 18 - 1:45 Holiday Parties, The Force Awakens Officially Opens!!!

December 21-January 1 Winter Break - Happy Holidays!

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Monday, December 14 - Dress Up LIke Your Favorite Frozen Character

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LLI Candidates - Deadline is December 14th

All new LLI candidates should be added to the Google Doc with the status of the current students by Monday, December 14th.
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Dimension 3.2 Managing Student Behavior

Dimension 3.2 Managing Student Behavior:

The teacher establishes, communicates and maintains clear expectations for student behaviors.


  • Consistently monitors behavior subtly, reinforces positive behaviors appropriately and intercepts misbehavior fluidly.
  • Students and the teacher create, adopt and maintain classroom behavior standards.

Looks Like:

  • students understanding and respecting class behavior standards
  • student-created rules available
  • classroom commitment charts
  • Classroom DoJo
  • layered reinforcement
  • visual reminders of reinforcement
  • token boards/economies
  • fluid classroom instruction
  • students setting goals around effort/behavior

Sounds Like:

  • teacher praises positive behavior
  • DoJo noises
  • excitement for earning the positive reinforcements
  • “I love the way you….”
  • create classroom rules together
  • teacher checks in with students on their check sheets

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The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

Quotes from the Book...

People need me...they depend on me. We're doing something important here. And knowing that gives me the energy to carry the sack, lead the pack, and keep coming back. seems to me that what makes a workshop wonderful is not walls and ceilings, but what happens inside those walls and under those's not how a workshop stands, but what it stands for that makes it special.

Nothing motivates employees more than knowing they're making a difference.

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Have a wonderful weekend!