Yuli Goldshtein and Meshi Panker

Why is it important to do this sport activity?

Skiing is a very important extreme sport activity because it trains the body, the mind, the strength and the reaction. You move your body and it makes your body shapelier. In studies, it makes your ability to concentrate better. Your body is stronger and healthier than ever it was. In Skiing, your reaction skills in various areas, is improving because you must be concentrated all that time.

What is special in this sport activity?

What it is special in Skiing, is that it demands special conditions: mountains, snow and cold weather.

Examples of athletes and champions

Kjetil Andre Aamodt is a champion of World Cap Alpine Ski Racer from Norway.

Hannelore Wenzel is a champion of 1976 Winter Olympic Games, from Liechtenstein, and she participated for Germany.

Examples of world records in skiing

In 1999, Harry Egger from Austria, speed: 237.100 kph / 154.2 mph.

In 2006, Tim Magill from The USA, speed: 236.690 kph/ 147.1 mph.

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