Welcome to Ms. Shen's Class

and explore more possibility!

To Parents.....


Definitely, each of you have had a fun and restful summer with lots of great memories! Hopefully everyone is ready for a new school year. The first day of school always makes me feel excited because I can meet new students, new possibilities, and new challenges for the year to come.

Bring students into field is a good way to have reflections. I believe that providing students more hand-on activities, more opportunities to the field, and more discussions with critical thinking will be the best way for students to learn science.

Communicating with parents is an important issue for home room teacher. It is necessary to reply parents’ emails or phone calls within 24 hours. Both email and phone call can reach me. We use "Edmodo" as our discussion group and you can see every activity or event updated there. I will upload materials and implement lectures on "Edmodo" every Monday. Please check it frequently!

I cannot wait to see all of you and I look forward to the new school year ahead of us! I really appreciate for your awareness and cooperation to help our young scholars. Please know that my door is always open and would like to give my 100% assistant!

About me...

I originally came from Taiwan and then live in Amarillo for 5 years. I graduated from West Texas A&M University with master's degree in Biology. After graduation, I worked in the Amarillo Botanical Garden as a tour guide. What I did is to introduce different plants and animals (most of them are insects) to the students during their field trip or field experiences. I have to design some hand-on activities for those young scholars as well. After few month, I moved to Houston for my internship as a 3 grade science teacher in The Rhode School.

It is a whole new adventure and I like it! I learned basic ideas about being a teacher in America. The internship provides me an opportunity to think and consider being a teacher. Through my students' eye, I always see their passion and eager to learn science that encourage me to teach. When guiding them to participate activities and conducting discussion with critical thinking, my students present the desire learning science and getting ready for the next challenge.

With qualified teacher certificate, this is my third year in the Rhode School. As the science teacher and the home room teacher of 311 in the third grade level, I want to bring more field experiences and engaged activities to my class. I believe connecting with real world, exploring things personally, and finding questions from each observation is the best to science.

Save the Date!

  • Aug. 28: Open House
  • Sep. 04: Parent/Teacher Conference
  • Sep. 18: Field Trip to the Zoo
  • Sep. 25: Book Fair
  • Oct. 02: First Submission to Science Fair
  • Oct. 16: Field Trip to NASA
  • Oct. 30: Second submission to Science Fair
  • Nov. 06: Culture Day
  • Nov. 20: Appreciation Day
  • Dec. 04: Final submission to Science Fair
  • Dec. 11: Science Fair Exhibition
  • Dec. 18: Snow Day and THE LAST DAY of School!