Girl Scout Troop 363

Meetings every Wednesday @ Hilltop Methodist Church 6-7 PM

Whole Troop News

  • Next Meeting: September 30, 2015. In addition to a couple of activities as a troop, we will be having our first monthly awards ceremony! Your girls CAN work on badges at home or through Council activities - just let us know and we will acknowledge them for their hard work (and buy the badges for you!). Let your leader know if you have any badges we aren't already aware of!
  • Girl Scouts of Utah

    If your girl sold cookies last year, then the troop paid her $15.00 yearly membership. If she did not, then you will need to pay the $15.00 yearly membership and register her on line. Any adult who intends to help at meetings and attend field trips must also register with Girl Scouts of Utah and pay the membership fee. Please do that as well because we want parents to come with us on our field trips! Adults will also have to undergo the background check in order to come with us on field trips and help with the troop. On the website, go to the Volunteer section and submit for the free background check. In order for you to drive a girl scout, work a cookie table etc., you must have both registered and passed a background check. Please do this. Also, in order for the troop to be eligible for liability insurance under Girls Scouts of Utah---all adults must be registered and background checked. If cost is an issue---please contact Grace Acosta (801 699 0550) and we will make arrangements with you to cover this costs. Parents participation is essential to our success and for the safety of our children. Please do this as soon as you can!

Cornbelly's Corn Maze

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 6-7pm

3003 Thanksgiving Way

Lehi, UT

Let's go have some fall fun!!

Instead of our regular meeting, we will be meeting at Cornbelly's! We will pay for all registered girls AND registered adults. Any other adults or siblings will be $6 (pay Grace when you get there!)

Please come a LITTLE early so we can gather as a group for a final headcount. If you are LATE, we won't be able to get you in with the discount.

Girls need to wear their uniforms to show their Girl Scout pride!

We will do activities together until 7. If families want to stay later, they are welcome to do so.

We will have a permission/emergency contact form that is required to attend, look for that in your email or at the next few meetings.

Daisy Doings

Dear Daisy Parents:

Daisies learned about how animals such as birds use color to hide and protect themselves in nature. We also learned about the difference between stories that are true verses make believe and took turns making up stories that were true and then make believe. We created a story with kittens, mittens, Vikings and a birthday party! Ask your girls to see if they remember it! We also learned the colors of the rainbow and made rainbows to hang in our rooms to remind us about color in nature. Next week will be an award ceremony where the Daisy's will get two pieces of their animal journey patches! Good work girls!!! The first week in October we will learn about sea turtles....yet another animal that builds nests and uses color to camouflage itself in nature! Your girls are having tons of fun! Please stick around to help and learn with us! After turtles we will focus on Mexico and then Japan and the animals of each country. If you want to teach a lesson, let me know!


Brownie Bustles

So, this week we took a night off from our Journey and worked on the Making Friends Badge! I was not able to lead this meeting so my assistant and parent volunteer Jenny led the girls! She did such a great job and had a lot of fun with them! Next week we will be taking another break from our Journey as the Juniors in our troop will be teaching the Brownies! Look forward to seeing you all, make sure you wear your uniforms every week (white shirt with vest or sash!), come with your best listening ears and lots of excitement! If anyone wants to keep up or re-fresh, please (parents) take a few minutes and start reading the Journey workbook with your girl or have her read it to you. It does help them if they know the story inside!
Thank you! Ü

Here is Jenny's update from the meeting:

We learned how to introduce ourselves to people and introducing new friends to each other. We taught each other what our favorite things to do are. We made cards to friends and family and explained how they're special to us.
We learned that it's okay not to like the same things as everyone else and that part of friendships are disagreements and how best to handle them.
I gave them a task to meet a new friend this week and tell me about their new friend and what they did together at the next meeting.
It was fun, I want the energy the girls have!

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Junior Journeys

Last Week:
Oh, man we had fun! Well, it was dirty fun, but these girls were awesome! They picked up trash around the church parking lot because Girls Scouts leave a place better than they find it as part of "Make the world a better place" in the GS Law. They also sang their Girl Scout Law song - and they can do it without me! Just perfect...I can't tell you just how much I LOVED watching them do service and sing together - they laughed and giggled and the smiles were amazing.
Next Week:
This coming week the girls are going to teach the Daisies and Brownies the Girl Scout Law sung to Frere Jacques, and they will do the bead craft with the younger girls. This is part of the girls learning to be leaders. It is part of a badge, but it is such a tremendous skill for life.

We are trying to encourage the girls to wear their uniforms every week. I think most girls are wearing their sashes or vests already. If we could have them wear a white polo shirt (you can find them for $5 at Old Navy, Target, or Wal-Mart I think), that would be a great addition. I had to buy 2 so we can TRY to keep them clean - and we ONLY wear it for scouts! HA! If any of this presents a financial challenge, please just chat with me - I am VERY familiar with tight budgets, but don't want anyone to feel left out or different.

See you on Wednesday!

One Girl Scout can make a difference, but together we can ROCK the world!

Upcoming Activities

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Troop 363

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  • Dues are due on the 5th of every month (you can also pay quarterly or yearly!). You can pay these directly to Grade, or if you would like to pay via PayPal please use "send money to a friend" at
  • If your scout misses a meeting, read this newsletter to find out what she can do to make up the activities at home and still earn her badges!
  • If you have any favorite songs or games you would like to share with our girls, just let us know and we would be happy to have you lead it!